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日本の人工関節領域に関する若手研究者に対して、前年1年間に刊行されたimpact factorを有する複数の論文について、impact factorの合計値や掲載雑誌などを勘案して選出されました。

  1. “Grand-piano sign” as a femoral rotational indicator in both varus and valgus knees: a simulation study of anterior resection surface in total knee arthroplasty.
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  2. Evaluation of the anterior acetabular coverage with a false profile radiograph considering appropriate range of positioning.
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  3. Older age at surgery and postoperative leg length discrepancy are risk factors for unfavourable patient-reported outcome measures of knee tumour endoprostheses following resection for musculoskeletal tumour of the lower limb.
    Kokubu Y, et al. Bone Jt Open. 2023 Dec 1;4(12):906-913.


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